Australian Outback Buffalo Safaris

Refresh Your Soul

The Ultimate Outback Experience

Over 5 Million Acres

Free Range, Fair Game

Arnhem Land

The Most Exciting Adventure

Perfect For Rifle, Bow and Camera

Australian Outback Buffalo Safaris

Wherever you are right now, disconnect from this screen, and look around you.

Chances are you are sitting somewhere someone has sat before.

Your landscape’s been tamed.

Imagine, just imagine, you’re lining up your sights – rifle, bow or camera – on your first target of the day.

Now, stop! Look around…

A mile behind you is Kakadu National Park, one of Australia’s most beautiful Parks. Pristine. Sacred.

Over to your left is a waterfall, to your right a herd of Buffalo grazing.

Your trophy is right before your very eyes.

The air is crystal clear, you feel free, like a child again.

As you view the raw Australia landscape, a realisation dawns upon you – very slowly – then hits you like the rush of your first latte of the day…

You are standing on over 5 million acres of Outback Australia – The RAW untamed Outback.

The ONLY Outback.

Chances are before your trip is over you will have stood on parts of this unique landscape where no one has ever stood before.

And today, all 5 million acres is yours.

Welcome to Australian Outback Buffalo Safaris.

Aren’t you glad you came?


The buffalo hunting camp has all your comforts and needs at hand.


Prices include trophy fees for one Trophy Water Buffalo.
Bow hunting

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting any game animal is the ultimate challenge for hunters.