You know you shouldn’t consider “price”, your only consideration should be “value”.

“Arnhem Land” and “Ultimate Outback Experience” and “World Class Trophies” can’t be found at Walmart.

Prices are under review for the forthcoming season, and we are booking into 2020 even though we don’t know the future price of Avgas, but prices are all-inclusive of trophy fees for one Trophy Water Buffalo, one night hotel accommodation in Darwin prior to your hunt, all meals and beverages inside the buffalo camp, camp staff, guide services and field preparation of trophy animals. The hunt is for 7 days with 5 full days of hunting.

Additional Trophies

And you’ll always find more to set your sights on. Management Buffalos, Trophy Scrub Bull/Wild Ox, Trophy Wild Boars. Each may incur an additional charge.

Cull Donkeys: Free

Additional Costs

Some of these can be defined in advance…

Firearm Hire: $150 USD per hunt (ammunition included)
Firearm Licence: $120 USD
Firearm import permit: $65 USD
Dip and Pack: $450 USD