Let’s face it, this isn’t one of those tall and fancy glass towers in Dubai.

You want safari, we give you safari.

We do, however, pride ourselves on our hospitality.

Our camps have all your comforts and needs at hand. And yes, some of you may be reluctant to get out of bed at dawn on the third day because you are soooo comfortable.

Breakfast aromas tend to fix that.

After a long, hot shower, second helping of eggs over easy and your third cup of coffee, you’re off and hunting.

The camps are staffed 24 hours a day, they’re usually doing your laundry and cooking up a storm for dinner while you’re at play.

Dinner? We’re aware of your sensitive stomachs, you paleos, vegetarians, vegans, whether glutenesque or gluten-free.

You don’t have to eat roast buffalo, wild boar, crocodile steaks and kangaroo tail stew, but they are on the menu. Just below the farinata alla quattro formaggio.

Not to forget Australian bush bread – damper – made daily on the camp fire.

So, after a day or so you’ll think you’re in Dubai.

We have a bigger and better garden, though.